Pasco Hifi GmbH

Founded in 1982, Pasco Hifi was initially focused on selling High-End Audio Equipment.

Over the years, our portfolio has expanded considerably and we now represent some of the largest and best known brands in the world, such as: BANG & OLUFSEN, PHILIPS und SONY.

We are specialized in distributing to Duty Free Shops, Airlines, Military Shops, the Diplomatic Corps as well as Cruise Ships.

We distribute Hi-Fi, Electronics
and Electrical goods worldwide to:
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Airlines
  • Military Shops
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Cruise Ships

Pasco GmbH
PO Box 1280
D-69200 Sandhausen, Germany

Phone : +49 (0) 6224-54061
Fax : +49 (0) 6224-54606

Pasco Hifi GmbH

Your One-Stop Shopping for Electronics!

PASCO was founded in 1982 and the letters stand for Pacific and Atlantic Sound Company since much of what we do relates to sound.

We are a distribution company that specializes in niche channels such as the Inflight business and Travel Retail in general. We supply around 50 Airlines worldwide with items they sell onboard to their passengers. This ranges from Headphones to Dental Care Products, Drones and Rechargeable Batteries for Mobile Devices, Portable Projectors and Wireless Data Products.

What we can do

Our business model is to create special product bundles to suit our customers’ unique needs. A good example of a service we provide for our Airline customers is, due to their space being very limited, creating much smaller packaging to maximize what can be loaded into their carts. We are also in a position to create tailor-made bundles based on our customers’ needs.

Logistical Expertise

Since we have been shipping all over the world for many years, we can supply our partners literally anywhere in the world. Whether it’s an Airline, Duty-Free Airport Shop or a Ship, we can deliver orders quickly and reliably.

The PASCO Team

Our team has been with us for many years, this includes the back office as well as the sales force. So all of our staff members have many years of experience under their belts which directly benefits our clients.